Assisting Vitality at Every Life Stage.

Dr. Freeman recognized the practice of Naturopathic Medicine as a true life calling.  As an ND, Dr. Freeman respects that our life experience, spirituality, environment, thought patterns, lifestyle and biochemistry can each contribute a unique role into our sense of wellbeing and level of health.

She strives to empower her patients to uncover mind-body patterns in a wider lens.   She assists patients with a wide scope of acute and chronic health concerns. A cornerstone of her approach involves in-depth assessment into every case and integrating modern techniques alongside ancient forms of diagnosis. At every step,  Dr. Freeman emphasizes prevention strategies that encourage our innate ability to heal.

She has pursued additional studies in acupuncture, botanical medicine, hormonal & thyroid imbalances, digestive disorders, detoxification & drainage, and pediatric care. She has passed the exam requirements for the Ontario Prescribing Therapeutics course and is certified in parenteral (IV) therapy.

Since the retirement of her colleague, Dr Anthony Godfrey, Allison welcomes his patients to her practice.